Kali 47 Marijuana UK

Kali 47 Marijuana UK




Kali 47 Marijuana UK

A super rare strain that brings legends of delicious flavors and insane THC levels. Kali 47 is a mostly sativa strain that is characterized by sweet fruity flavors with hints of caramel. For many patients, Kali 47 may relieve an array of symptoms including depression, pain, and stress. A cross between Kali Mist and AK-47, Kali 47 delivers happy euphoric effects that allow the mind to stay agile while relaxing the body. Kali 47 Marijuana UK can help to soothe pain, inflammation, and fatigue.

This sativa-dominant hybrid gets a lot of people talking, because although she averages at around a 19% THC level, it’s been said that her yields can reach as high as 30%. Given that her effects include a rocket to outer space, most who deal with depression and stress are able to wash away any negative thoughts and enjoy the ride – at least for a few hours.

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