Clear Creek Duo THC Vape Pod UK

Clear Creek Duo THC Vape Pod UK




Clear Creek Duo THC Vape Pod UK

Experience our dual-chamber delivery system: two 500mg cartridges built into one pod. Take two flavors wherever you go, and enjoy two different effects. Just flip it and rip it!

  • Great for advanced dabbers
  • Very effective
  • Flavorful

The function of having DUAL tanks side by side in the same pod is so that you can turn the pod 180 degrees and you’ll be able to try side B. The pod itself is labeled “A” and “B” and the packaging tells you which strain is A and which is B. The fire logo on the battery lets you know which side you’ll inhale. The smoothest, cleanest, and closest-to-a-dab pod hit out there! Love Clear Creek Duo THC Vape Pod UK

First off, being able to have two strains in ONE pod to make a full gram is genius. Having a hard time picking a strain? Look no further with the Clear Creek Duo THC Vape Pod UK! The flavor is comparable to live resin. This pod is filled with two cannabis cup-winning strains. Sourband ‘09 boosts flavors of pine and diesel fuel. Orange Soda is a sweet citrusy, creamsicle, fuelly tasting strain.

Both of these strains are Sativa hybrids. Hit the Orange Soda in the middle of the day for a more hybrid effect. The Sourband for mornings because that sour diesel will really boosts your mood and energy level. These two strains combined and smoked at the same time are highly euphoric, creative and energetic. This is a winning combo.

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