Woodstock Acapulco Gold Vape Cartridge UK 1g 74 THC

Woodstock Acapulco Gold Vape Cartridge UK 1g 74 THC




Woodstock Acapulco Gold Vape Cartridge UK

Woodstock Acapulco Gold is a high-octane cliff dive into the waters of the Pacific. One hit and everything is golden. Breathe deep and feel the heat of this sun soaked 60’s legendary strain. The taste of this Acapulco Gold cartridge is earthy, woody, and piney with hints of citrus, oak, and coffee.

The initially euphoric effects of Acapulco Gold is uplifting, energetic, and focused. Followed by a relaxing body high with mental clarity. Although the taste of Woodstock Acapulco Gold Vape Cartridge UK isn’t anything special, it does have a good level of potency with solid effects. Overall, this strain was perfect for a wake and bake session and/or daytime usage. The THC of Acapulco Gold is 74.47%, the CBD % is 1.73%, and the total cannabinoid % is 80.87%.

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