Flav Bubble Gum Cartridge UK 0.5g

Flav Bubble Gum Cartridge UK 0.5g





Flav Bubble Gum Cartridge UK

Indica-dominant bred from Big Bud and Skunk strains. Up to 75% THC.

Flavor Profile:
Like it was pulled from an old-fashioned gumball machine, you’ll want to blow bubbles with this sweet blend of fruity, creamy, and fittingly candy-like goodness.

The Effects:
With an uplifting head high and full body buzz, the Indica effects of Bubble Gum makes it a nice end-of-day strain that isn’t overstimulating. A favorite for beginners.

• All natural, ultra-refined cannabis oil
• CO2 extracted and terpene enhanced
• Pre-filled glass cartridge
• Wickless, ceramic heating element
Glycol and solvent free
• Universal 510 thread

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